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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about training at Modern Martial Arts of Nacogdoches.

What's a typical training session like?
A training session at Modern Martial Arts includes announcements, warm-up exercises, instruction and drill, and sometimes free sparring.  We like to have fun while learning and training, so you will hear laughter from time to time.  However, we train for real situations, and we will often break down a technique into the various small movements necessary to make the technique successful.  For some, that may mean slight modifications to accommodate a particular challenge.  For others, it may mean they learn new ways of thinking about how they move.

What if I've never trained before?
No experience is necessary!  A respectful, positive attitude and a desire to improve fitness and martial arts ability are all that are needed to make the decision to begin learning and training at MMAnac.

What equipment do I need to get started, and what will I need to continue training?

  • Students in the US Sport Karate class wear the school uniform. If you have official rank in another style or system, you have the option to wear a belt that reflects the rank in the other system as well as your rank in US Sport Karate.

  •  For US Sport Karate sparring classes, MMAnac has some loaner equipment available.  Head gear, gloves, foot protection, mouthguard, and shinguards are required for sparring.  Students are required to furnish their own mouth guards; males must provide and wear cups. Most people usually acquire the rest of these items from MMAnac within a few weeks after they begin to train.  

  • In the Krav Maga class, fight shorts or workout pants without pockets are worn.  A regular t-shirt or compression shirt is also worn. No tank tops, low-cut, or sleeveless shirts are allowed.  When you signup for Krav Maga, a pair of MMA gloves are included in the fee.

Will I be required to test for belt rank in US Sport Karate?
No one is required to test for rank - you may train for the enjoyment of learning martial arts and improving fitness.  Most people do choose to test, though, because students are well prepared and a test will not be offered unless the instructor knows that the student is more than capable of passing. Belt tests require a nominal fee to cover testing supplies, and are generally conducted during regular class times for white - green belt.

How is belt rank earned?
Rank is earned for knowing the material at each level and for being able to properly demonstrate the techniques, as well as effective sparring ability.  US Sport Karate is geared toward the sport aspect of martial arts, while the MK System (taught in special sessions) is focused on self defense.  Advancement in rank at MMAnac is not based on the number of classes attended; rank is merit-based and is earned.  

What if I have an injury or other medical condition?
You should always seek medical advice before beginning any exercise program, including martial arts.  Be sure to tell the instructor if you have ANY medical conditions before beginning to train at Modern Martial Arts.  Modifications to accommodate a physical challenge can be made  at all levels of training. A doctor's release may be required before beginning training.

What if I'm quiet and reserved but I think I'd like to learn martial arts?
Training at Modern Martial Arts is fun and low-key.  The training takes place in a safe and supportive environment, and questions are always welcome. Email to ask Coach Janet about any questions you have.

See you on the mat!

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